viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

Más rumores sobre el nuevo álbum de Shakira

Continúan los rumores en torno al próximo disco de Shakira, la misma fuente que filtró un supuesto tracklist ha mencionado lo siguiente:

El nombre del álbum sería "Do Me Hard or Get Me Naked".

Los sencillos promocionales serían:

I Dare You
Tough Boy
Clothes Ain't Made For Me
Desperate On The Dancefloor

Mientras los sencillos para el mercado hispanohablante serían:

Hombre Caramelo

El posible video del sencillo "Clothes Ain't Made For Me" sería de tipo burlesque pero con un estilo carnaval.

Parte de la letra de la supuesta canción "Clothes Ain't Made For Me":

Oh baby, baby tell me why are you gettin' so hard?
Don't say that I'm the reason boy I ain't tryin' to heat you up
(DJ, play it hard and loud) Man, it's late
I'm sweaty and I see you across the club
Dancin' all night long with these damn$ clothes on
Club is poppin' with people whose names
I don't know
But the folks are witness to what
I'm about to do with you

Cuz if you didn't know:
Boy, clothes ain't made for me
I drop them as I walk (to you)
Showin' every second, more of me (to you)
I'll tie you up to my killer curves
And show you what's for real good
(s3x, no, yes, maybe?)
I reached to you and you felt

My naked skin around your belt
And I'm not sure if it's the vodka talkin' in my head But Boy you know
I don't joke when it comes to s3x Man,
Clothes ain't made for me
Take them off from me please
Hold me strong with your army arms
And don't let me go from your side
Let's get naked tonight in the club...........
(I'm crazy, ready to explode, full of lust)
(The next man I see will be my pray)
(I am in my most primitive state tonight)
(Would you blame me?)

DJ, 1, 2, 3... turn it up!!

Shakira escribe en Twitter + Foto

Ballenas!! Whales!! Shak

Shakira, ganadora en los "Premios Juventud"

De las 2 categorías en las que estaba nominada, Shakira ganó la categoría "Qué Rico Se Mueve".

Shakira no asistió a la premiación.